YEFK Senior Pastor Myeong-hyeok Kim Delivered a Sermon on the Life of Pastor Seon-joo Gil at YEFK Sunday Service

On the 25th, Pastor Myeong-hyeok Kim, a reformist theologian and evangelical elder representing the Korean religious community, visited YEFK(Daeheung Church) and said, “Pastor Gil Seon-joo, the father of faith in the Korean church, has a passion for the gospel and devoted life. Blessed to become ministers and members who testify to and continue that spirit and life.

Pastor Myeong-Hyuk Kim (Korea Evangelical Council, KEF Honorary President, Senior Pastor of Gangbyeon Church), as YEFK’s advisor, visited YEFK on February 12th and preached the Sunday service. Under the title of ‘Looking at the missionaries who first entered Joseon’ (Mark 1:14-15, Acts 1:6-8), Pastor Kim studied the life of Missionary Thomas the Martyr, pioneer missionary, and Missionary Underwood, who played a significant role in the modernization of Korea. achievements were introduced.

In this sermon, Pastor Myung-Hyeok Kim delivered the life of Pastor Gil Seon-joo, one of the shining stars in Korean church history who bore fruit after the martyrdom of missionary Thomas, under the title of “The First Pastor of the Korean Church” (Acts 9:1-9).Rev. Kim said, “Pastor Gil Seon-joo was a leading figure in the 1907 revival movement that gave rise to the Korean church, and he was one of the first seven pastors in Korea along with Rev. Lee Ki-pung.” I preached the gospel of the cross for about 40 years after I believed it. I preached the gospel to 3.8 million people, baptized about 3,000 people, appointed 800 people as pastors, evangelists, and elders, and built about 60 churches.” Introduced.

In particular, Seonju Gil, who mastered the way of leading, but always thirsted for the truth of eternal life, emphasized that it took many people’s hard work and dedication until he was converted and met Jesus. Also, as an authority on the study of Augustine, he compared the process of meeting Jesus and being born again between Pastor Seonju Gil and Augustine.

Pastor Myung-hyeok Kim said, “Until today, there was a life of thorough dedication and hard work by our seniors in the faith. In particular, through Pastor Seon-Joo Gil’s life of thorough devotion and hard work, our nation received hope and the light of life in the midst of darkness and despair.” He testified that he was the one who showed through his life how precious life is and how precious a life of hope for heaven is.” “God is still knocking on the door of our hearts. If we open our hearts and serve the Lord, our destiny will change and the destiny of our nation will change.” He concluded his sermon, saying, “I earnestly wish and resolve to live with the light shining on me as I follow.”

On this day, Pastor Myung-hyeok Kim delivered “Letters of Love: Sent by Children to Pastor Myung-hyuk Kim,” published in March, to YEFK (Daeheung Church). In addition, he gave stickers to children on this day as well, as he was rumored to be a “sticker grandfather” because he usually handed out stickers with the gospel to children. Deacon Park Beom-soon of Gangbyeon Church, who attended the service with Pastor Kim, had a fellowship time with the congregation after the service and witnessed Pastor Myung-hyeok Kim’s faith, character, and life.
Pastor Myung-Hyeok Kim said, “I am so thankful and thankful that I came to YEFK (Daeheung Church) for the second time and preached the word of God while praising and praying together.”All the believers here want to inherit the precious life of Pastor Seonju Gil, and we also want to live a life that gives glory to God.” he said.

YEFK representative Pastor Nathan Hwangย  who led the service, said, “I was deeply moved and blessed by the words Pastor Myung-hyeok Kim delivered. Above all, it was a precious time to convey the amazing grace that God bestowed on Pastor Gil Seon-joo.” He said, “We also want to live a life of preaching the gospel of salvation in the midst of this land, following the lives of our seniors in faith.”