YEF Africa New Leaders Unite

The Youth Evangelical Fellowship Africa Leaders held a general meeting with the new leaders from Rwanda, Brothers Eric and Emmanuel and YEF Kenya. Unfortunately, Brother Gabriel was unable to attend due to phone issues.

As this was the first time all four leaders had gathered together, the meeting began with a prayer and devotional then a short introduction. After that, YEF Africa shared the next steps for the new leaders which include a forty-day walk, mini-online training on online evangelism, reporting, and article writing, and attending the upcoming training in Nigeria in July. As all three brothers also responded to the call for pioneering, YEF Africa shared a draft plan with the brothers for pioneering.

Lastly, the African leader also delegated new roles and focus to each leader. As they continue to evangelize and teach in their mission field, YEF Africa also hopes they can unite and make YEF Africa stronger. Sister Christine was set to aid in the prayer department, Brother Eric in Administration and Missions, Brother Emmanuel in Education and Brother Gabriel in Missions. YEF Africa will discuss with the leaders about their roles and responsibilities in their next mission meeting.

Overall, it was a joyful and hopeful meeting. YEF Africa hopes that these new leaders can build a strong spiritual foundation for future members and create a more powerful continental fellowship.