YEF Nashville Continues to Grow With Hopes of Setting Up Future Co-workers

Currently, there are two students who are being taught by Brother Vashni; Brother Tam and Sister Moyo. Both of which continue in the desire to grow more in their faith and want to continue in bible study.

Although, during the summer there are some struggles with their schedule and sometimes it is difficult to meet. The leader is praying that they can come to bible studies again and really be changed in their faith. It is very thankful that these students were able to be kept until now and prayerfully God will continue to keep them, especially in this summer.

Sister Natalie who has been attending church services and bible studies by God’s grace will attend the YEF Retreat this coming July. So far, she was not able to join any YEF retreat held in Florida so they are praying that this can be a time where she experiences God and her life is able to have a turning point.

There are many difficulties that she has faced in the past but by she continues to come to the church with hopes of healing and direction. Please pray for the hearts of the students in Nashville that they may grow well in God and come to serve him with their lives.