YEF NA Teaches NYC Brother How to Deepen His Relationship With God Through Introduction of Romans

During this time, YEF NA taught brother Andy who currently lives in Manhattan, New York. In the past, he had bible studies with Leader Claire but is now transitioning and having bible studies with Pastor Rani. They were able to learn a bit more about Apostle Paul and his identity in Christ with hopes that they could also implement this same heart within their own lives.

Brother Andy was challenged to look at his own life and see in what parts is he lacking in relationship and heart to God; in what ways he need to grow more to be a true servant of Christ. Brother Andy shared that he lacks in hearing from God and knowing how to hear from God. When he prays he sometimes questions if God is there or not. The leader encouraged him to know that God is always there but sometimes there are many walls and thorns in our hearts that distract us and block us from hearing from him. Still, when we read our bible more and come to know him more we can truly hear from God and understand the calling he has for each and every person.

During this time, they also came to share prayer requests. Brother Andy asked for patience at his job and continuous growth in his prayer life. Please continue to pray for him that he may be led by God in all that he does.