YEFK Begins Teacher Training for Lectures on Romans

YEF Korea started training teachers to lead bible studies through expository books on Romans, and Sister Lee Na-Kyung and Brother Kim Chan-hui participated.

For about an hour, the book of Romans was read in turns, paragraph by paragraph, and the important points were pointed out. After the study, a short prayer with the Word, and application to the Word to share the life of the week, for a total of about two hours.

Minister Kim Juri, who led the first class today, said, “The Exposition of Romans, which has already been published as a book, is such an excellent textbook that just by reading it together, our sins are washed away and God’s grace is poured out. This time, we will master the book of Romans and read each chapter. I hope it will be a time for everyone to clearly realize the key points and be reborn as teachers.” she said.