YEF Melbourne Seeks to Plant Precious Seeds of the Word of God

At this time, William, who is volunteering as YEF teacher is continuing to evangelize on the nearby campus. Even though there are restrictions, by God’s grace they are still able to talk with some students and continue in evangelism.

They were able to have bible study with Brother Benny who was able to help in booking a room on the campus. He is also from Deakin Uni. There was also one more sister who was supposed to join the bible study time; sister Slany but due to sickness was not able to join. Please pray that she can recover from her sickness and join the study this coming Friday.

God is continuing to bless Brother William as he goes to evangelize and teach more students who are thirsty for the word of God. It is truly a blessing that he can continue to participate in the building of the kingdom of God. Please continue to pray for mission in Melbourne and the current students who are being taught.