YEF Romania Persistently Evangelizes & Receives Encouragement Through Evangelism Encounter

YEF Student Leader, Ilinca, continued to evangelize in the center of Bucharest, Romania. The member explained that the first part of the evangelism time was pretty difficult, but then God’s encouragement came in an unexpected way.

Sister Ilinca shared her testimony from this time: “The young people of Bucharest, in case they believe in something, usually believe in anything else besides God. They seem to be into spirituality a lot more. I talked to a Romanian student and she said that she does believe a lot, but not in the Bible (a Ukrainian student that I met later said that she is open to everything). She believes in some sort of God, like something out there that supports us and is there for us, but she laughed nervously when I asked if He supports us even when we do evil things. My regret is that I didn’t get to invite her friend to Bible study since she said that her friend is more Christian or so. Walking away from that spot, I felt down, but I realized that one of my biggest problems as an evangelist is that I get discouraged too easily, too soon. And that I don’t rely enough on the Holy Spirit.”

“As I was walking, I noticed a girl looking at a store and felt like hesitating to evangelize her, though I pushed myself to approach her. I just asked if she was interested in Bible study and she said that she already does it. She was a Christian! I asked her if she’s born-again, about her church (which is called “Agape”) and all, and because I mentioned at some point that I was evangelizing, she asked “You are evangelizing right now?” and while I was replying she gave me a heartfelt hug saying “Oh dear you, congratulations for your courage!”. I was shocked. God’s encouragement came at the right time, that was His grace. I was so glad to meet other real Christians. I felt exhorted to evangelize more and to take the courage to speak up.

There were many interesting young Romanians that were met at that time. Sister Ilinca hopes to continue conversations with them in hopes that they may be evangelized one day sooner. Please pray for mission in Romania to grow and for many fruits to be found.