YEF South Africa Member Experiences Work of the Holy Spirit During Evangelism

In the first week of August with the resumption of school, Youth Evangelical Fellowship South Africa member Thakgafatso set up a determination to evangelize one hour daily.

The first days were not easy for her especially since she struggled with being consistent and finding people who were interested in Bible studies. Thankfully, she was able to get at least one contact.

However, on Friday, she truly experienced the work of the Holy Spirit during her evangelism that day and was joyful to reach her goal of evangelizing for one hour as well as receiving six contacts. She is currently communicating with YEF Africa so that these students can start Bible studies and she hopes to continue to evangelize more consistently in the new week.

She shared a short testimony:Β “Today it was much easier. I think that was because I was in a fast and the Holy Spirit was leading me. And my approach was different. Most people were just kind and willing to listen. A challenge was when I met the other 2 guys that said they are not Christians and I didn’t know how to convince them but they ended up giving their contacts. I pray that God can touch their hearts.”

Please continue to pray for Thakgafatso that God will give her the heart and boldness to keep preaching the Gospel.