YEFK attended the Great Commission Mission Conference

From August 3rd to 5th, YEFK youth members attended the Great Commission Missions Conference held at OAPC and received great grace. It has become a place where can dwell fully in grace in the Word, praise and prayer for 2 nights and 3 days. In addition, after a long time, the Mongolian international student was reconnected through the retreat and continued their religious life. Here are the impressions of those who attended.

As I attended the mission conference, saw many foreign young people, and saw their pure heart toward God, I was also happy to be challenged. I think it was good to have time to put down other variables and fully focus on the Word. Since human beings are weak, we must live by always relying on God, but even if things go well, we reflect on how we tried to rely on ourselves, and I felt that we needed to make efforts to accompany God even in trivial matters.

– Kim Chan-hwi

It is not an accident that I am here, and perhaps it is not my intention, but the Lord knows the desire of my soul and made me realize that I am here. While reading the book of Romans, he said, ‘Leave me alone,’ so I was afraid when I read the words, but I feel grateful that my Heavenly Father did not give up on me and always led me. The Ethiopian eunuch, the person whose life was cut off, and the person who said that he could not worship in the words of Deuteronomy, the Lord looked at and sent Philip to meet the Lord. I was able to realize that just as the Lord shines the sun on the righteous and the wicked, He does not abandon those whose lives are cut off or those who shed tears in pain.

– Lee Na-kyungย 

The place of the retreat was already full of the work of the Holy Spirit through the Elim Noon Prayer Meeting for 40 days for the Great Commission Missions Conference. Our souls are earnestly seeking God, but because of our sins, we have repented of not wanting to put God in our hearts. During the Elim prayer time on the first day, we don’t know what to pray for. No matter how I pray, the word that the Holy Spirit intercedes instead gave me a lot of comfort. I thank the Holy Spirit for helping me to repent of my many sins during the prayer meeting. I want to fight and win by cutting off the media, going to bed early, waking up early, starting the day with the Word and prayer, putting the time to meet God as my top priority.

– Jang Mi