God Has Opened Our Spiritual Eyes to Know His Love

On 22nd September 2023, the Youth Evangelical Fellowship Kenya bible study students Kibreyesus and Selemon from Ethiopia shared the grace they received since they started joining online bible study with sister Christine.

The two brothers were able to finish Romans 8 yesterday and shared how God had opened their spiritual eyes and ears to know his love. They’ve been blind and deaf for so long and now they see and hear and understand what salvation truly means. The students have been diligently writing reflections and so Christine invited them one by one for a short meeting to ask them how bible study has been helping them especially spiritually.

Kibreyesus said that he got a deep understanding of salvation at the time of bible study. “We had that we are saved by Faith and Grace which is the gift from God and I could experience the great change in my life each day of bible study and I pray God helps me to spread the gospel to the people in Ethiopia to know the love of God and to live according to the will of God. He learned that Christians don’t take responsibility for their own sin and he wants God to help him take that responsibility and repent. He also realized God did not plan evil so that good may come but He can change evil into good.

Selemon said that he wants to be the one to go and preach the gospel to the lost souls because he got a clear meaning of why he’s saved, he wants to preach to himself first before he can preach to others, he thanks God for covering his sins with love and he wants to train himself not to sin more.

YEF Kenya hopes that as they continue with Bible studies, God may transform their lives to be the ambassadors of Jesus in Ethiopia.

[Written by Christine Wanyenze, edited by Anu Samuel]