YEF HQ to Develop Education Package, Raise Leaders for the Next Generation

In order to raise young leaders for the next generation, YEF HQ is to develop an education package for membership tiers. This package is for chapters and volunteer pastors to raise new souls in a systematic way, in a structured format, so that anyone can evangelize and raise students to be young kingdom builders.

The education package will be published into five sets according to membership tier: RCM, CM, bible teacher, leader, and frontier. Each set of packages will include main Bible study materials, a themed seminar, a mentorship program, and a reading list. Customized education packages will allow students to tailor their learning path to the specific needs of each tier, ensuring that individuals receive grace and love at each stage of their faith journey.

YEF HQ hopes that with the systemized educational curriculum, students are more clear about the journey of faith they are now, and future steps they should take further. Offering educational incentives will significantly boost motivation and commitment to Christ.

But most importantly, As they progress through the tiers, members will deepen the understanding of the cross and resurrection of Christ, and live out the Gospel in their real lives.

As the utmost motivation for developing the educational package is to make youth be the true disciples of Christ and to follow the path of disciples in making His name known all across the globe, YEF HQ is to carefully design this education curriculum with the prayers, asking God for His wisdom, so that more youth could come and taste God’s love in their lives.