18 Participants Join Macau’s First Bible Camp, Experiencing Great Changes and Growth

Macau mission concluded its one-night and two-day Bible camp on October 1st. Gracefully, 18 participants joined and received great changes and growth from this gathering. In two days, participants had Bible lectures and services focusing on the Four Spiritual Laws: Creation, the Fall of Man and Salvation. In a special prayer section, they prayed for each other and everyone received abundant grace.

There were two testimonials shared by a Bible student and a representative of the gathering venue. They were very encouraging for everyone to uphold the Gospel and Jesus Christ in the path of faith, as well as believe in God for every good work done in spreading the Gospel: “God will surely work.”

A missionary testified this time was very different, young members and Bible students had opportunities to participate and serve, like leading praise and prayer before lectures and services. Everyone was able to get closer to each other and open their hearts as they lived together. Sports time and table fellowship also allowed everyone to have fun and feel joyful.

At the end of the gathering, participants gathered to pray for a pastor and his wife, who are the representatives of the gathering venue which belonged to another Christian organization. The entire venue was filled with heavenly grace and joy.