YEF Networks to Bear Fruits through Jesus Christ and Him Crucified

In the days leading up to the World General Assembly of their denomination, YEF network is exhorted to return to the pure Gospel and meditate on Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Only the pure Gospel can save the whole world, and it must first preach the cross and resurrection of Jesus to bear fruit until the last point: Kairosย time.

In preaching the pure Gospel, many Christians today demand methodology, saying that they can not bear spiritual fruits due to lack of methods. However, it is not lack of models, funds, strategies, leadership nor doctrine. By having too much faith in something other than the Gospel itself, we are not depending fully on the work of the Holy Spirit.

If one’s life is not changed by the Gospel of Jesus and this change does not spread to others, we should reflect ourselves and repent. Once we preach the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ, His love on sinners, the Holy Spirit surely changes each soul. Only way for chapters to bear fruits is through the Gospel, the power to transform one’s life.

The seed does not have any problem. what YEF network has to do is to sow the pure Gospel on the ground. Then in times we may not reckon, but the Gospel itself will bear fruit. By preaching only the cross and resurrection, and the sacrificial life of Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of God, may all chapters sow the seeds of the pure Gospel, as the waters cover the sea overflowingly.