Youth Evangelical Fellowship Fiji: Lighting the Path to Christ

Youth Evangelical Fellowship in Fiji continued their mission to spread the gospel of Christ burned brightly. Through various activities centered around scripture, prayer, and evangelism, they sought to touch the hearts of those seeking a deeper connection with God.

Continued mediation on Matthew 8, where the youth delved into the teachings of Jesus and His miraculous healings and 1 Samuel 6, allowed the words of Scripture to guide their thoughts and spiritual growth. Prayer played a significant role in the day’s activities, with dedicated sessions in the morning and an extended session in the afternoon. The youth devoted 40 minutes in the morning, seeking God’s guidance, wisdom, and blessings for their evangelistic efforts. In the afternoon, their commitment to prayer was evident as they engaged in an intense prayer session lasting over an hour. Their fervent prayers mirrored their genuine desire to impact souls with the love of Christ.

At the heart of the Youth Evangelical Fellowship’s mission was their dedication to sharing the Gospel with others. On October 13th, they had the opportunity to engage with 17 students during their evangelism time, spending just 25 minutes in evangelism. By actively seeking souls longing for Christ and His Word, they aimed to be the light that guides them towards a personal relationship with the Savior. The fellowship also continued organizing Bible study sessions (two students this week) on Romans 1 and 2.

Throughout the week, the Youth Evangelical Fellowship witnessed the transformation of two students. One was a regular attendee who experienced further growth in their faith, while the other was a new student who discovered the identity of deep sin within Man, yet God’s grace. These encounters led to two impactful Bible studies, where the students were able to explore Scripture and discuss its relevance to their lives.

As the Youth Evangelical Fellowship in Fiji continues to reach out to souls in search of spiritual connection, they do so with grace, love, and dedication. Their unwavering commitment to their mission is evident in their daily efforts and the souls they touch along the way. With each evangelistic encounter and Bible study, the Youth Evangelical Fellowship Fiji illuminates the path to Christ and shines as a beacon of hope in their community.