A Precious Bible Study Conducted on Campus, Brother Samu Studied Grace & Law Deeper Through Romans 4

On October 27th, 2023, a fellow colleague attended the Bible study to learn more about the Truth of Christ Jesus. Brother Samu, a Fijian local brother has been attending Bible study as taught by YEF chapter leader Litiana. Graciously, on this day, they had studied  Romans Chapter 4: 1 – 12.

Romans 4 is the chapter where Apostle Paul talks more deeply about faith and grace. The Jews still did not believe in faith and grace alone, that it was by the law. But here apostle Paul defended the Gospel preciously, by using the two prominent figures the Jews knew well and highly of. Abraham and Kind David. The stories that did not qualify them to stand in front of God, but the possibility of God choosing Abraham as the ancestor of faith and King David to be forgiven were these two words by “faith and grace”. The righteousness of God has clearly manifested but we need to believe and accept that Jesus Christ died for me to be saved.

In his sharing, brother Samu shared how important it is for him that Jesus Christ died for a sinner like him and all he had to do was to believe and accept this. The importance of salvation through Jesus Christ as he meditates on this.

Please pray that this precious brother can know deeply about sin and salvation and, more deeply come to know God’s love. That he may continue to study diligently of God’s Word despite the fact we are nearing exams and semester break. We also would like to pray that precious brothers may be set up to be leaders here in Fiji.