YEF Rwanda Evangelism : As My Father Has Sent Me into The World I Am Sending You into the World

On October 26, YEF Rwanda, Brother Gabriel held onsite evangelism in ALU and met people who showed interest in studying the Bible. Brother Gabriel went into this evangelism after reading the Word of God which strengthened him much.

The Word talked about how we are sent into the world to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. So he went with this word and the day was full of blessings because within three hours he received a lot of contacts and many people were eager to learn more about YEF and the Word of God. In evangelism, Brother Sam joined Brother Gabriel again and received abundant grace.

After evangelism, Brother Gabriel reflected on the work of God and the history of evangelism through centuries and saw the mighty hand of God work through evangelism. YEF Rwanda hopes to see transformation in the land of Rwanda and in Africa as a whole through evangelizing and teaching the Word of God.

Written by Gabriel