YEF Africa Collaborate for Mission Expansion in Africa

Youth Evangelical Fellowship Africa Continental leader united with chapter leaders to discuss the expansion of mission in Africa and how it can grow. They discussed the strategic plans and goals to reach out 40 cities before October 2024 in the conference and how each chapter can have their own services after raising 24 members. Before, the goal was to establish 100 chapters in the whole world by HQ whereby YEF Africa chose 25, but later on, they revised to establish 300 with the focus of G20 countries whichby they listed the priority of the countries, like Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda etc, then later they mentioned the potential countries like South Africa, Malawi, Ethiopia etc.

They also discussed pioneering other cities as they target the top universities. The goals before Easter 2024 was mentioned so that the leaders may have clear information and focus to participate well in mission leaning on God’s word.

The leaders deliberate in development of mission center and establish department like nationals, chapters and continental levels.

They also tackled the website for each chapter to provide a clear introduction for each country and share the testimonies about the work of the Holy Spirit so far to make it better. They advised the chapters to find at least 5 option centers to establish for each country. They also clarified the time for achieving their goals. They proposed the new strategy inspired by Brother Bosco’s hometown near the border of Uganda and Rwanda that it can be another way of reaching Uganda and neighbouring countries near Rwanda for short-term mission. They also demanded all leaders to start taking good evangelism and bible study photos and short videos, also to submit their November spending budget.

YEF Africa asks for prayer for mission in Africa, that they may continue abide in the Lord’s love and to bring revival in Africa that many souls may come back to God through their lives.

They beseech God’s guidance and direction to achieve their goals before October 2024.