YEF International Gears Up for Christmas Retreats : Preparing for the Harvest

YEF International is eagerly preparing to participate in and plan various Christmas retreats across their continental regions. The organization is strategically sowing the seeds of evangelism, anticipating a bountiful harvest in the coming new year. Recognizing the significance of the Christmas season as a time of spiritual openness and reflection, YEF International is seizing the opportunity to reach many hearts with the message of hope found in Jesus Christ. The goal is to evangelize and connect with individuals who may be thirsty for the truth, using the Christmas retreats as a platform to bring more people and grow membership.

The planning and participation in these retreats are underpinned by deep prayer, seeking God’s guidance to lead YEF members to those who are genuinely seeking deeper understanding and relations to God. Each chapter and member within YEF International is fervently encouraged to engage in both onsite and offsite evangelism, working tirelessly to bring in as many individuals as possible to these Christmas retreats.

The organization’s prayer is not only for successful events but also for the tangible fruits of their labor and God’s mercy to be evident during this expectant season. YEF HQ wishes to reach the goal of 24 attendees and each continental region should have their goal of the number of newcomers anticipated. As they strategically sow the seeds of faith, YEF International holds onto the belief that God will work in the hearts of those they reach, bringing about transformation and spiritual renewal.

YEF International remains steadfast in its mission, eagerly anticipating the fulfillment of their prayers and the manifestation of God’s mercy during this significant season of outreach and evangelism.