YEF NA Set Timeline for Phase-5 Mission North America Initiative : Christmas Retreat

In setting the timeline for the phase-5 mission initiative with USA and Canada, YEF NA planned to strategically meet each pioneering phase through monthly events and seasonal retreats. In this church community, retreats are a big part of the growth and it is also where many people decide to commit to Christ and become coworkers in Christ.

In this strategic plan, the most important focus is to gather, gather, gather. To gather thousands and allow them to receive and hear the message that will give water to their souls. In these crowds, they will be able to see and pick out the good fish. As they are gathering, there may be many who do not want to grow in faith or participate further but there will also be many who will receive abundant grace and want to walk together. In each state (city/university) that is set to be pioneered many young people are waiting to be evangelized.

In this timeline, there is a planned event at the end of each part which contains 1 to 2 phases until the end of October which would conclude the following year. YEF NA wants to use these phases so that a consistent way of evangelism and mission can be found after that they can continue to go forward in increasing the number and bring more members to be evangelized.

In the phase 1 cities/universities part 1, the end gathering of the month is Christmas. Christmas is one of the more important and significant holidays that celebrates the Lord’s coming into the world. The leader hopes to reach the goal of those evangelized in each university/city by the end of this month. They also hope that many students and young people can invite their families as well in order to change the culture of Christmas to reflect the true meaning of the holiday which is celebrate the coming of Christ to this world. Please pray for their efforts and that they rely on the Holy Spirit in this time.