YEF Celebrates 14 Years of Faith and Unity in a Global Anniversary Service


December 28th 2023 – Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF) recently marked its 14th anniversary with a heartfelt online service that brought together members from across the globe. This special occasion served as a moment of reflection, gratitude, and anticipation for the organization’s continued journey guided by God’s mercy.

The anniversary service featured a sermon delivered by General Secretary, Pastor Danielle White, who explored the profound message of Luke 14:26-35. Through this scripture, members collectively delved into the significance of following Christ and being true disciples. The sermon focused on the shared responsibility of the fellowship, as the body of Christ, to move forward into a future illuminated by the teachings of Christ, ensuring that their lives reflect the greater value found in the Kingdom of God.

The key message emphasized that the true value of life extends beyond the material realm and is deeply rooted in the Kingdom of God. Participants were encouraged to live purposefully for the Kingdom and to maintain their spiritual vitality, akin to being the salt of the earth.

A special highlight of the celebration was a touching video presentation, featuring members from diverse regions such as Africa (Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi), Korea, Fiji, Romania, the United States, and more. In this video, members shared congratulatory messages and heartfelt testimonies, recounting their personal growth within YEF. The diverse voices underscored the global reach and impact of YEF, showcasing the unity of purpose that binds members together across continents.

As the anniversary service unfolded, the overarching prayer and aspiration from all members resonated—to witness a revival and continued growth of the YEF mission in the coming year. The shared commitment to spreading the message of faith, love, and unity was palpable, as members expressed their dedication to furthering the vision of YEF and contributing to the organization’s continued success.

The 14th anniversary service was a testament to the collective strength, resilience, and unwavering faith of YEF members worldwide. As they celebrated the achievements of the past 14 years, they also looked forward to a future illuminated by the light of Christ, where their individual and collective contributions will continue to impact lives and foster spiritual growth.