YEF American Members to Join Leadership Training in 2024

By God’s grace, two American brothers were invited to attend a leadership conference in January 2024 in Dover. ย Through this time, YEF North America hopes to establish more American leadership and increase evangelism overall through the establishment of more leaders.

Both brothers became committed members of the fellowship during the spring and summer time after studying for a few semesters with YEF ministers and attending several retreats. They came to desire to grow more in their faith and follow the way of the Lord.

In this time of confirming their attendance, it was a time of testing of the faith. One of them is a senior at the University of Central Florida studying computer engineering. The time of this conference started his first week of classes, so he was faced with the decision to choose school or this OLI program. He also had to talk to his parents about this choice. Before deciding, he did not have a strong conviction to go. But, after being encouraged by his leaders to pray. He was able to receive a personal conviction to go.

He shared, “I feel that it would be the turning point of my life and my future.” He is continuing to pray for protection and for his heart to be prepared to receive abundant grace until arriving at OLI in January.

For the other brother, after his father passed this past spring from cancer, he took a break from school and decided to start working. He also moved into his brother’s home which is over an hour from the YEF HQ. During this time, he set up the standard to come to Sunday Service onsite every Sunday and continued daily prayer and meditation upon the Word. In deciding to attend the OLI this time, he could not find any time off for his work since the program will be held from Tuesday evening. He was then encouraged by leaders to pray and set up a strong faith to attend. Relying on God to provide with faith and having a strong personal conviction for this time is really important and needed for him. Prayers are asked for the brother’s decision to attend.

Please pray for both brothers. Leaders are praying for both brothers to be able to attend and have a gracious time at the leadership conference and receive the power of the Holy Spirit.