YEF Africa Leaders Joyfully Serve and Embrace Divine Grace at Leadership Training

By God’s grace, devoted members of Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF) Africa gathered in Kenya for the spiritually enriching Olivet Leadership Institute.

In the spirit of unity and commitment, members were called to actively participate in serving and preparing for the sessions. The YEF Rwanda Brothers, Gabriel and Bosco, demonstrated their musical talents as instrumentalists and singers on the praise team. Simultaneously, YEF Kenya Leader, Christine, played a pivotal role in the worship and preparation aspects, contributing to the coordination and organization at the Olivet Center.

Notably, the Continental leader, alongside other responsibilities, extended their service to the News Team and aided in the coordination of fellowship activities. As the leaders engage in attentive service and absorb the wealth of knowledge from the lectures, they find themselves fortified with abundant strength, anticipating the positive translation of this strength into their personal lives and mission endeavours.

This period has become a source of joy, fostering a sense of unity among brothers and sisters from across the continent and beyond. The leaders express their aspirations to seize this crucial moment, anticipating a profound spiritual transformation to unfold within them