YEF Colombia Teaches Students the Heart of Zacchaeus

Minister Maria of YEF Colombia took to the streets of Santa Marta, Colombia, to share the teachings of the Bible with young people eager to receive the word of God. The city, like many others, holds a diverse group of individuals who have experienced various challenges in life, leading to fluctuations in their relationships with God.

As the fellowship engaged with the community, they recognized a hunger for the Word among those she encountered. Many of them had endured afflictions, and over time, their spiritual journeys had taken different paths. However, the common thread was a newfound desire to accept the Lord into their lives.

Drawing inspiration from the Gospel of Luke (Luke 10:1-10), YEF Colombia shared the impactful story of Zacchaeus. A rich tax collector despised by his fellow townspeople, Zacchaeus displayed a transformative humility when he sought out Jesus. Despite the societal disdain associated with his profession, Zacchaeus was moved to action, demonstrating a change of heart and a desire to encounter Jesus personally.

This biblical narrative served as a powerful message for the attentive youth, emphasizing the transformative power of seeking a personal relationship with Jesus. The story resonated with its timeless lessonโ€”no matter the circumstances or past actions, one can experience a profound change through encountering Christ.

Through the shared words of God, the organization facilitated a moment of reconciliation for those listening, guiding them toward rebuilding their relationships with God through the teachings of the Bible. The impact of such messages extends beyond the moment, providing a foundation for individuals to continue growing in their faith.

As these young souls take steps toward constant communion with the Lord, prayers are requested for their journey of spiritual growth and steadfastness in following the ways of God. YEF Colombia’s evangelistic efforts stand as a testament to the transformative potential of sharing the word of God with those seeking solace and connection in their spiritual lives.