YEF HQ to Encourage Chapters to Dynamically Evangelize and Think Globally

YEF HQ is setting the heart for this week to be focused on making things happen in the mission field through prayer and encouragement. They want every chapter member, leader, continental region leader, and more to experience the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit on their local campuses and in their respective countries.

As the New Year continues, YEF HQ plans to see a change in the moment of things in the mission field. They will encourage leaders to continue forward with a stronger zeal and passion for spreading the word of God and hope that through this all goals that have been set can be reached. This year they want to remember that repentance to God and come to fulfill the great commission that has been given to them.

Youth Evangelical Fellowship aims to be a safe haven for many youths who are weary and heavy-laden to the weight of the world. They will allow God to use them to preach the Gospel to all the earth and raise many souls as leaders to push for change in this world and to make this world a better place; a place of the kingdom of God.