YEF HQ Intercedes for Each Chapter and Continent around the World; Looking to Raise Christ’s Servants

With the hearts of all members of YEF, there needs to be a deep heart of prayer and intercession. Even though many works can be getting done if there is no prayer and no power from the Holy Spirit then God can not work and no new evangelized person will be changed.

YEF HQ wants to stand firm as a fellowship of true prayer and intercession. Looking to build up all the chapters around the world. As they teach others about what it means to be a servant of Christ, they all hope that the members and leaders can also come to serve as true servants of Christ who count everything else in this world as a lost for the sake of knowing him.

This week and especially today they will focus heavily on prayer and interceding for the chapters. They plan to gather all of their prayer requests and unite with them in one heart and also provide the spiritual strength they need to continue going and not give up.

There is always Satan and many bad thoughts of the flesh that try to overtake the members but they must come to defeat these thoughts and defeat Satan in order for nothing to stop them on their path of faith.