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    Experiencing the Living Gospel in Fellowship

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    2018 YEF Leadership Retreat – The Truth Will Set You Free

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Latest News

North America Leadership Retreat to be Held in August

Youth Evangelical Fellowship announced a North America Leadership Retreat from August 15 to 18 in Kirkwood, New York, with the theme of “The truth will set you free” taken from John 8:32. In this upcoming leadership retreat, YEF’s existent leaders and emerging leaders will delve into the depth and breadth of freedom in Jesus Christ […]

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Aug 20

YEF Mission Trip to Ivy League

to Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, NYU campuses

Aug 15

North America Leadership Retreat

At Kirkwood, NY from August 15th to 18th

Sharing God's story, Changing Lives
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Leadership Training
Equipping Students for Leadership
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Making Disciples of All Nations
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The True Rest for Your Soul

Weekends, holidays, vacations, getaways and you name it. We all love to take “rest” in our busy lives. Even after three months of summer vacation, you may wish that you had more holidays. When you take a break from work or study, do you genuinely feel restful? Just because you take a weekend to go […]

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“Ever since I’ve started the Bible study with YEF, I understand now that God is always with me, even during times it doesn’t feel like it. When I get those feelings, that is when I should look to God especially.”

Toni Woodard

“My spirit is very happy because of the answer to my prayers, I’m really excited to begin this path of faith. I shouldn’t be afraid and I should just walk with God to wherever He guides me and to trust in who He wants me to be.”

Adriane Davis

“Moving to a new country for university, YEF has become a Christian community and support base in my life. Through YEF bible studies I have gained a deeper understanding of God’s love and grace.”

Renee Mckain
Bible Studies

Embrace your identity in Christ and live out your calling. Go deeper into the Word during your college years. It is a great blessing that will surely change your whole life. Transform your lives with the power of His love.  

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Internships at YEF HQ are open to the YEF members from local chapters who have finished their leadership training and are willing to serve in building the ministry together. For available spots, please contact us at yef.education@gmail.com  

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Mission Trip

YEF provides volunteer opportunities where anyone can contribute to building the ministry together. You can use your talents to help our campus ministry to reach more students on campus. Volunteer positions vary from videography, web design, technology, event planning, communication and more. Please contact us at revival@yefi.org for more information.

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Volunteer/Short-term Projects

YEF provides volunteer opportunity where anyone can contribute to build the ministry together. You can share your talent with our campus ministry to reach more unreached students on campus. Volunteer positions are varies from video making, Web design, technology, event-planning, communication and many more. You can contact us at revival@yefi.org for more information.

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