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    Raising a New Generation Inspired by the Dream of God

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YEF HQ Urges Leaders To Weave Strong Network

YEF International chat with all national leaders emphasized on building the network strongly. Most important work we have besides raising lambs of the Lord is to build a Network. What is a Network? It is connection, it is NET that WORKS! You can look at it from 2 perspectives, from two angels. Net is like […]

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June 19

Membership Training

All USA and Canada region members who are willing to take a week off, come and enjoy the deep word of the Lord.

Oct 29

YEF U.S. Staff Training Shared Heartwarming Testimonies

After the meal, traditional game of Korea continued and members enjoyed the time in Holy Spirit.

Sharing God's story, Changing Lives
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Leadership Training
Equipping Students for Leadership
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Making Disciples of All Nations
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YEF HQ Guides All Local Chapters Leaders To Renew Their Hearts

Regular online meeting of all YEF local chapters which took place on Thursday, 8th of July allowed leaders to present reports, receive guidance and this way unite with one another.  Moderator who lead the meeting mentioned importance of keeping basics and having standard to hold Group Bible Studies and fellowship regularly at least twice a […]

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“It was the word of God that brought me out. I could pray all day long and even worship, but it was the Word of God that set me free. Because of Jesus Christ and his humility I am here today.”

Elizabeth White

“Moving to a new country for university YEF has become a Christian community and support base in my life. Through YEF bible studies I have gained a deeper understanding of God’s love and grace.


“I used to fear the evangelism. But now I found the reason and courage to do so. Heart of God who want to find every single lost souls are now within me. I am ready to be His loving daughter that knows His heart and participates in His Kingdom.”

Rebekah Ong
Bible Studies

Embrace your identity in Christ and live out your calling. Go deeper into the Word during your college years. It is a great blessing that will surely change your whole life. Transform your lives with the power of His love.  

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Internships at YEF HQ are open to the YEF members from local chapters who have finished their leadership training and are willing to serve in building the ministry together. For available spots, please contact us at yef.education@gmail.com  

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Mission Trip

YEF provides volunteer opportunities where anyone can contribute to building the ministry together. You can use your talents to help our campus ministry to reach more students on campus. Volunteer positions vary from videography, web design, technology, event planning, communication and more. Please contact us at revival@yefi.org for more information.

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Volunteer/Short-term Projects

YEF provide volunteer opportunity where anyone can contribute to build the ministry together. You can share your talent with our campus ministry to reach more unreached students on campus. Volunteer positions are varies from video making, Web design, technology, event-planning, communication and many more. You can contact us at revival@yefi.org for more information.

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